Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...Adding to My Previous Post...

This photo is of Charlie around the time A Brother's Reflection is set.  From what I read, this was taken in his studio office at Lone Star Studios.

Charlie circa 1916- 1917.  Probably one of my favorite photos of him. *
 These other two are of Charlie and Syd, his older half-brother, who was really as much of a father figure to him as much as he was an older brother.  Growing up they were very close and continued to be into adulthood.  He was four years Charlie's senior.

This photo and the one above are borrowed from Jess or Discovering Chaplin - Please take the time to check out her blog sometime, there is a lot of information and gorgeous photographs.

* I cannot remember where I found this photo.  If it happens to be yours please contact me so I can give you credit.

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