Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Brother's Reflection- An Answer About The Films Mentioned

To answer a question I was asked about the films mentioned in A Brother's Reflection: Yes both were real films produced by Charlie Chaplin in 1916 (The Pawnshop) and 1917 (The Adventurer).  It is also true that he liked to take his time while making films much to the ire of the company he was working for.  If an idea wasn't progressing well he would shut down filming for days sometimes while he worked out the first idea or developed a completely new scenario.  It wasn't until Charlie fulfilled his contract with First National that he was allowed to distribute his film through United Artists and take as long as he wished while filming.

Here are links to both the films.  These are better quality that what is available on Youtube, hence the links.

The Pawnshop

The Adventurer

Any other questions?  Feel free to ask and I'll try and find you an answer.

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