Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Groupie Story- Part 3

This is the naughty bit, so consider yourself warned.
He leaned in and kissed her again, this time longer, a bit more forcefully. Both his arms wrapped around Roxanne, who's hands migrated up to cup his face, allowing her to press her lips more firmly against his. She found herself caught up in the feverish throws of passion, she wanted more and Frank seemed to be enjoying himself as well. In his arms he held her so tight she could feel the rise and fall of his breathing, his tongue found its way past her lips, intwining with hers. At the back of his head Franks long, black curls were still tied back in ponytail, Roxanne's fingers had been sweeping themselves over his locks plastered to his head. Reaching the elastic band that held his long, silky tresses her fingers tugged on it , pulling it loose. With it freed, Frank's curls cascaded down around his face and Roxanne was able to comb her fingers through them. From deep in Frank's stomach emanated a low rumbling, which caused him to pause then pull his lips back in mid kiss.

“I need to use the toilet,” he stated matter of factly, climbing to his feet.

Moments later, rising herself, Roxanne pulled the chain on the floor lamp, extinguishing it, along with it she shut off the table lamps as well. That left the entire apartment in darkness, save for the light filtering through the windows, the glow of the street lamps and the silvery disc of the harvest moon. Some mercury-like bars of light, gliding between the blinds fell across the bed. Just seeing the bed caused her to realize how tired she was. Prior to lying down she went over to the bay window to take a quick peek outside. Pushing aside one of the gauzy curtains, that would have appeared brightly colored in the light, she gazed out over the deserted street, eerily calm and silent, surreal she thought. The odd lighting of the street lamps like dandelions on the ground, contrasting with the blue light form the moon.

Back beside the bed Roxanne undressed, allowing her clothing to fall to the bare wood floor. Naked she slipped beneath the covers and settled down into the soft mattress that sat atop the old iron framed bed, something she had inherited from her grandmother when she moved from her mother's house. She really loved the old bed frame with its solid metal work, it fit well with the turn of the century apartment she was living in at the moment. The bed was also the most comfortable piece of furniture she owned, the sofa was okay at first but after awhile the springs and cushions sagged down so much one found themselves sitting on the supporting boards. The wing back chair was pretty much the same and had been purchased for three dollars in a thrift shop. Not only that, but Roxanne would be sharing the bed with Frank tonight, if he ever came out of the bathroom. Just the thought of that made her want to jump up and down and scream like a school girl.

Roxanne wished to let Frank have peace and privacy, but she was growing impatient, “are you almost done?” she called.

“Yes, give me a minute,” he answered back. “I have one that is just hanging there and won't drop off!”

As gross as that was she had to laugh, the way he said it like it was nothing more than a broken toenail. Turning on the bedside lamp she continued to wait, lying back staring up at the ceiling with its pressed tin panels painted white coming down to meet the walls with a graceful egg and dart pattern edging. The mounting anticipation was being to get unnerving, any longer and Roxanne would lose it. Frank had left her hanging, yet she really could not pin it on him entirely, there were certain things the human body did regardless of what was happening at the moment. Finally Frank did come sauntering out of the bathroom and when their eyes met the fire smoldering in her groin flared up and Roxanne bit her lip, He was truly something to behold, with his long locks down around his face he was gorgeous.

“I see how it is,” he smiled leaning against the footboard of the bed, his sinewy hands gripping the top rail. Then he added, “is it okay that I left the window open?”

“Yeah, that's fine,” Roxanne grinned, biting her lip again.

Switching off the lamp, Frank stood on the other side of the bed, fiddling with the clasps that held the straps of his overalls in place. Asher eyes had not adjusted to the sudden changed in light, Roxanne could not see him, just hear him, the jingling of the metal clasps. By the time she could see he was easing the overalls down his body, allowing them to fall in a heap around his ankles. Wan moonlight streaming through the nearby window illuminated some of what lie below the hem of his shirt, the side of leg and a bit of belly, no underpants; but a shadow spilled over that region between his thighs. With a swift tug Frank removed his shirt, revealing inches upon inches of smooth, youthful flesh. A long, tapered torso, thin and compact. Upon his chest a patch of dark curly hair grew. Above his navel a stripe of hair started trailing over his flat, firm tummy, down into the shadows, down where Roxanne was certain a wild tangle of dark hair thrived.

Throwing his shirt of the footboard of the bed, Frank tossed his head, returning his mused tresses to their respective places. Taking a few steps all of him came into the glow of the moon. Roxanne's eyes traveled down from his face, to his long curls hanging over his bare shoulders, to where his ribs showed slightly though his skin, over his slim hips. Down below in the area previously obscured by grey shadows the dark hair started just as she had suspected and it was there that he hung flaccid, unaltered, just the way he had been the day he was born. He was a very well endowed man despite his thin physic.

Turning so his backside was to her, his small, round buttocks in clear sight, Frank sank down on the edge of the bed, “now where did we leave off?” he inquired squirming beneath the blankets.

Lips burning Roxanne rolled over and kissed him firmly on the lips, her fingers combing through his hair. Frank was hers for the night, a thought that caused her mind to start racing as well as her heart. Continuing to kiss, Frank held her tightly to him, then his hands found her breasts and grabbed them. Squeezing them he wrapped his mount around her nipples, his tongue coming to meet them. She continued stroking his hair, rubbing his back, kissing the top of his head. Within her that fiery passion had flared up even more and she found herself losing her breath. When he moved a bit it gave her access to his body, kissing him once more on his mouth she moved down, kissing his neck, collar bone, then his chest. She teased his nipples with her lips as his fingers combed through her hair, pulling out the curl that remained. Continuing to travel downward she kissed his ribs, then his soft tummy. Farther down Roxanne could feel him growing hard.

Frank, a man who clearly knew what he was doing, obviously he an idea of what was going to happen soon. If he was careless he would ruin building pleasure for both of them. In an attempt to curtail it, he stopped Roxanne and pinned her beneath, although not weighing very much and it was then and there that they made love in full. Breathing heavily, Roxanne could hear the blood coursing through her veins, her body vibrating with energy, excitement, she could not lie still even if she tried. On her skin she could feel the heat of Frank's body, feel the weight of him as he straddled her thighs.

Brushing the hair out of his face Frank lied back down, his lips meeting Roxanne's, the hair he had pushed back came spilling forward, tumbling down, tickling her face as he kissed her. Overwhelmed by curiosity Roxanne's hand followed the gentle curves of his torso, down to him hips. Beneath her light touch his whole body jerked, as every muscle tensed, his face contorted in ecstasy, teeth gritted. Through his gritted teeth Frank drew in a sharp breath and clenched his eyes shut. Moving around to the back she ran her hands over Frank's backside, over those small round cheeks. They were firm, sparsely covered in hair and smooth. Grabbing what little bit there was she squeezed him hard, as his lips met hers.

Tears of passion welled up in the corners of Roxanne's eyes, it had been so long since she had experienced anything similar in so long. Her ex had been a terrible lover, but she forcefully pushed that thought into the horizon of her mind, there was no reason to think about him now, or ever again really. All that mattered was the present. Collapsing atop her Frank's muscles tensed up, a groan of passion escaping this lips as he mashed his mount against hers. His butt clenching, body trembling he erupted. Grasping him even tighter, Roxanne climaxed a moment after him, biting his bottom lip as it happened. While it lasted, Roxanne was sent soaring into a rush of heady bliss, but was always it never lasted long enough. Frank continued thrusting until he went soft and his attempts at prolonging it were in vain. Pulling out he just lied on top of her for a moment, heart pounding, breathing heavily. Whit a free hand Roxanne reached up and brushed his sweaty bangs off his forehead then kissed him softly on the mouth. The hairs of his mustache and those on his chin stuck out at wild angles, mused form love making and heavy kissing. With a finger she gingerly smooth them down, or attempted to, it really needed to be combed.

With a sigh Frank climbed off Roxanne, settling down on the mattress away from the wet spot soiling the sheets. Despite the room being a touch chilly, he pushed the blankets part of the the way off his body. From somewhere in the charcoal grey apartment Tweezer came trotting, making himself known with a questioning meow. Jumping on the bed he prowled about, sniffing all of the new and unknown smells that hung on the air and saturated the bedding. He went up beside Frank, rubbed his head against his side, pressing his cold, wet little nose to the underside of his arm. Losing interest he returned to the foot of the bed and curled up on the quilt where he usually slept.

Roxanne, want to get of the wet spot rolled over next to Frank, wrapping her arms about the small of his waist. He was beginning to drift off , but when he felt her touch his eyes opened and he smiled tiredly, sweetly, a pleasant smile. Moving her pillow over she settled down herself, but allowed her head to rest on his chest where his heart pounded away. His long hair was spread out all over his pillow where Roxanne stroked it, running her fingers through it.

“Aren't you cold?” she questioned tracing the contour of his cheek with a finger.

In his soft, low voice he murmured something unintelligible then rolled over on his belly. Roxanne pulled the blankets back up over him, almost over his head. With the heat of the day gone the apartment tended to grow cold in the night. Feeling exhausted herself, she snuggled into the crook of his neck, nestled deep beneath the covers. Even with the grime of the day, the sweat from the stage lights and from love making he smelled wonderful. Sweet, kind of musky, a scent all his own that cling to his silky black locks. Softly she kissed his cheek on the side of his mustache then gazed upon his slumbering face. Frank's mouth lay in a relaxed line, his eyes shut, his back fringe of eyelashes resting along the tops of his cheeks. He appeared so sweet and boyish, innocent, different from that sneering, smart young man she had seen on stage earlier that night.

Drifting off she stared off into the dark room, the only light spilling in through the curtains and between the blinds, a bluish glow from the moon pooled on the scuffed hard wood floor. Through the bay window at the front of the room spilled the yellow light from the the street lamps down below on the street. Beside her Frank slept soundly, breathing softly, making not a sound. Slowly her eyes drooped shut as if weights were attached to their lids. Once they closed she did not open them, instead she snuggled back into the crook of Frank's neck and drifted off into the twilight of slumber.

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